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HfS Blueprint Report: Salesforce Services 2017

For the 2017 HfS Salesforce Services Blueprint Report we analyze the capabilities and vision of 12 Salesforce services partners.

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HfS Blueprint Report: Capital Markets Operations

We believe that capital markets firms will undergo a large-scale operational transformation in 2017. Service providers for this market are now in a unique position to help clients rethink and run more Intelligent Operations.

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How are PLM Service Providers Developing their PLM Capabilities?

In this PoV, we discuss the top strategies adopted by the PLM service providers to expand their PLM business, their key differentiators and the major changes implemented to boost PLM Services capabilities in recent times.

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Research, Insight, and Advice for Buyers of Global Services

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Membership Services for Service Providers

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HfS PriceIndicator: Sourcing Prices for Sourcing Pricers

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HfS, WorkFusion and Standard Bank experts share their experiences

Practitioners and experts on Smart Process Automation discuss improving business outcomes through more integrated automation technologies

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Population Health and Care Management 2016

Listen to our latest podcast with Barbra McGann as she discusses her HfS Blueprint Report: Population Health and Care Management 2016.

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HfS Launches IT Strategy and Consulting Services Research Coverage

Chief Analyst Phil Fersht to head up research on IT consulting and strategy, application development, and cloud services.

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Offshore has become Walmart…as Outsourcing becomes more like Amazon

Offshore has become Walmart…as Outsourcing becomes more like Amazon

No one cares much about “offshore” as a strategy anymore - it has become part of the fabric of managing a global operating model

Talking Blockchain Business Models and Network Ownership With HCL

Talking Blockchain Business Models and Network Ownership With HCL

HCL sees a lot happening in security and privacy, as well as regulatory agencies stepping up to help businesses form some governance policies around blockchain.


Capital Markets Operations Blueprint Explores the Perfect Storm for Services

Banks and capital markets firms are severely challenged in predicting strategies for long-term sustainability in a changing market and need to have several strategies in play to meet short-term cost pressures.