RPA On The Cusp of Disruption

HfS looks at the current state of the thinking on Robotic Process Automation in 2015 and why we are seeing signs of both maturity and new innovation.

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Implementing Portion Control at CSC

CSC has carved itself up into a more manageable portion that will in HfS’s view make each entity an attractive investment target that it turn will maximize the return for current shareholders.

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Accenture Spearheads Retail Transformation With Javelin Group Acquisition

Accenture’s acquisition of the Javelin group complements its vision of positioning itself as an end-to-end digital partner for this next wave of growth for global retailers.

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The Sourcing Savants Dissect The Burgeoning As-A-Service Economy: Is It A Brave New World?

Seven of the industry's deepest thinkers provide insight into the brave new world of the as-a-service economy.

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We’re on a train hurtling towards something resembling “As-a-Service” and we need to make sure we stay on it

CSC dividing into two new entities, one for US Public Sector contracts and the other for Global Commercial contracts, is a welcome and necessary step.

Most of our beloved providers want to talk a big game more than having the real chops to prove it

Ready for the transition to As-a-Service?