Analytics Services Trends Indicate Growing Maturity in 2015

Buyers and SPs find it a challenge to sift through the hype and understand real progress in analytics. Our initial research findings from the HfS Enterprise Analytics Services Blueprint refresh, compares market themes to 2013.

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Autonabilized 2015 HfS Predictions

We did it, we went out on a limb and with the help of our robotic process automation capability we have created our predictions for 2015.

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Harman Finds Its Symphony

HARMAN's acquisition of Symphony Teleca is an interesting move as it brings together a leading in-car media company with new digital software and services capability.

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Delivery Location Announcements By Service Providers & Captives In Q4 2014

This PoV analyzes the location moves of 25 service providers, and 18 captives in the last quarter.

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There clearly is a need for more flexible labor in many European countries, and the ability to source skills “As-a-Service” from providers is becoming increasingly appealing

60% of enterprise C-Suites are actively seeking to reduce their reliance on labor in their operations – but most are discovering they need to work smarter before they can work cheaper.

Yes, I actually believe this is a great province to invest in the talent and resources and we’ll shortly be able to share the news of a major new As-a-Service investment in the region from one of the Indian-heritage global service providers.

There needs to be a coming-together of consulting and outsourcing service delivery, the likes of which we have yet to see at a broad scale in the services industry