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into the major innovations impacting business operations:


automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital business models and smart analytics


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HfS Blueprint Report: Energy Operations 2017

The Energy Operations Blueprint covers IT, BPO and Engineering Services in the oil and gas industry, trends, market activity and 13 service providers.

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Citizen-Centered Public Sector Organizations Operate As “OneOffice”

Real examples of how U.S. government agencies are putting citizen and employee interest at the heart of designing a more efficient way to work.

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The Back Office Is Key to Meeting Digital Expectations

An Executive Viewpoint POV focused on the key takeaways from a roundtable discussion with business executives discussing their digital ambitions

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Research, Insight, and Advice for Buyers of Global Services

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Membership Services for Service Providers

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HfS PriceIndicator: Sourcing Prices for Sourcing Pricers

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HfS & Cambridge University AI Partnership: Stephen Hawkings, Here We Come

Learn more on our AI-focused partnership with the University of Cambridge's Gonville and Caius College.

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Industry leaders on the value of HfS Research

What the industry thinks of HfS events, and why they keep coming back

Industry leaders from Kellog's, BNY Mellon, Ascension Health, Wipro, and Concentrix on the value of HfS Research and its events.

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Special HfS Announcement

Join us for the Future of Operations in the Robotic Age

HfS launches the FORA Council (Future of Operations in the Robotic Age), a select international executive leadership council of key industry stakeholders.

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Infosys gives up its American Dream

Infosys gives up its American Dream

The firm now finds itself enduring perhaps the most difficult period of its history – and it could be poised to get a hell of a lot worse

The future is about services, not software

The future is about services, not software

Phil Fersht argues that most software products today have 10-50x the functionality clients need... hence the onus moves to how you work with it, more than which product you use


Worried you're being automated? Think again...

Our jobs are safe from robots... for now