The Growing Workday Services Ecosystem

Organizations have a need to align their SaaS investments to business and workforce transformation objectives. In this PoV we highlight the growing services ecosystem developing to address this opportunity, notably with Workday.

The Cloud's Impact on IT Services Providers

As cloud adoption accelerates, it creates the potential for profound changes to the service provider landscape. This report explores what is likely to unfold and the steps a service provider can take to survive.

Is Sitel’s Approach to Tech Integration in CEM The Way Forward?

We discuss the industry's approach to technology integration in customer experience management solutions, using for context our discussions from the analyst day event by Sitel.

Deconstructing BPO for the As A Service Economy

The arrival of business platforms and process automation is changing the established forms of BPO. In this POV we deconstruct BPO to its core elements to see where that change will hit.

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Phil Fersht interviews Carole Murphy, Capgemini’s Head of BPO Business Transformation Services

Architecting a BPO solution is not all that different from being a writer of a comedy movie, whether that writer happens to be based in Hollywood, London, Paris or Mumbai.

On behalf of HfS and KPMG, we very much appreciate your participation in this pivotal research study that delves into whether value beyond cost is being achieved with sourcing frameworks

The 2014 Analyst Value Survey canvassed the views of 1093 enterprises, analysts and vendor consumers of research