• HfS Blueprint Sessions | Europe

    Yes, we're genuinely excited to announce the agenda for the next "Blueprint Session" summit at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University, on 24-25 June this summer. This will be the the most revealing and intimate discussion yet on the future of global business services and outsourcing. And where better to have the conversation than in the oldest University in the modern world?

  • Framing a Constitution for Robotistan

    One year after presenting the concept of Robotistan, we look at how the market for robotic automation in BPO has grown and how the technology and its applications have changed. Even more than before, we see robotic automation as a potentially transformative technology in the BPO marketplace as a result of its broad applicability and the ways it will change the expectations and operating models of clients, sourcing advisors and BPO service providers.

  • BPO on the Brink of a New Generation: Technology Transformation

    The old way of doing business process outsourcing (BPO) is fast running out of steam in today’s maturing business environment. Half of today’s BPO engagements are essentially reproducing the same processes for their clients that they were managing pre-engagement, merely at lower cost, through the use of labor arbitrage.

  • Market Overview: IT Operations and Service Management Software

    The market for tools that help internal IT departments and external IT service providers manage increasingly complex production environments has always been one of the most dynamic in the IT industry. Frequent waves of innovation have changed the market landscape over time. Today, the Cloud phenomenon has again accelerated the need for IT management tools, injecting fresh blood into an already healthy market.

The Third Way of Robotics

A third way of bringing robotic process automation deployment to the enterprise is emerging. Robotics as a service is being brought to business processes by Genfour, an emerging UK-based service provider.

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Enabling the Digitally-Powered Enterprise: An Interview with Marc Strohlein

An exclusive HfS interview with Marc Strohlein, founder of Agile Business Logic, who explores why every enterprise should embrace digital transformation and how.

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Closing The Innovation Gap In Insurance Operations

In this report, we examine the state of insurance innovation, highlighting key success factors and opportunities for buyers and service providers.

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TCS Breaks into the HfS IT Services Top 10

premium-research|  This document provides HfS top 10 IT Services Provider List in 2013.

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After all the hype, HfS unveils the first Robotic Premier League Table of service providers delivering robotic automation to their clients

Genpact’s Patrick Cogny talks to Phil Fersht about how the firm is approaching the manufacturing sector with what he calls the “New Industrial Revolution”

As we predicted last year, TCS has now become the first of the Indian majors to break the IT Services Top 10 for revenues, replacing CGI

Where else can you hear a discussion about reproducing the cerebral cortex in a piece of software?