• Save the Date: North American 2014 Blueprint Summit

    After our widely successful European summit at Cambridge University, we’re back stateside to rattle the global services and outsourcing industry like never before…

    Yes, the HfS Blueprint Sessions are coming back to North America for an eighth installment November 17 - 19 at Chicago’s famous Drake Hotel, for the biggest naval-gaze yet at our analog present and digital future of global services.

  • Executive Report: The State of Services & Outsourcing in 2014

    Findings of our survey - the largest annual quantitative research study on services and outsourcing, conducted in June 2014.

  • HfS Blueprint Report: SAP Services

    The 2014 SAP Services HfS Blueprint is the first annual update of an HfS Blueprint. The capabilities of providers of SAP Services are assessed along the whole SAP Services value chain, ranging from SAP strategy consulting through planning and implementation of an SAP solution to managing and optimizing existing SAP environments.

  • Webinar: The Future State of Outsourcing - Revealed

    Tired of the racking and stacking of historical deal data? Well... your pain is finally over as we look to visualize the future, as opposed to regurgitating the past, as Dave Brown and Phil Fersht dissect the real-time behavioral insight that will give us the true picture on where the outsourcing industry is heading in the near and long-term future.

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  • HfS Blueprint Report: Talent Acquisition Service Providers – Partners on the Path to Total Talent Management

    HfS assesses Talent Acquisition Service providers, third-party firms that support companies in the strategy, sourcing, and engagement programs and processes required to attract and activate workers as businesses desire today.

  • HfS Blueprint Report: Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) Governance Solutions

    This Blueprint assesses the strengths and capabilities of Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO) Governance Solutions including both managed governance services and software providers.

  • HfS Blueprint Report: Retail Operations

    The retail operations marketplace has evolved over the last decade in an opportunistic manner. Buyer demand has primarily addressed traditional IT services and horizontal BPO needs (including customer service, finance & accounting and human resources outsourcing).

  • Digital Transformation Services: an HfS Blueprint Primer

    As we anticipated at the outset, 2014 has shaped up to be the year Digital Transformation takes root as a unifying theme for IT Services providers. Nearly every major IT services provider is using the term Digital in go-to-market messaging today. This report sets out to clarify HfS’ definition of Digital Transformation and to explore the respective positioning of the leading IT Services providers in the market today.

Executive Report: The State of Services & Outsourcing in 2014

The findings of our survey - the largest annual quantitative research study on services and outsourcing, conducted in June 2014.

Cognizant Makes the Biggest Indian Bet Yet on Healthcare

Cognizant's $2.7 Billion purchase of healthcare solutions company Trizetto is not only the largest acquisition by an Indian service provider but changes the competitive dynamic in healthcare IT/BPO services.

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Five Lessons Apple Pay Teaches us about Digital Transformation

Apple’s recently unveiled Pay is set to disrupt the entire retail payment market. Along the way, it provides valuable lessons for anyone looking to corral disruption to their own advantage.

Show Us the Mold: IBM’s new Talent and Change Organization is a Transformative Step Forward in Workforce Science and Service Delivery

Last month IBM announced a new Global Business Services (GBS) Talent and Change practice. Since HfS watches GBS and the employee experience very closely, we spoke with its leader, Maria-Paz Barrientos, about the key offerings.

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Cognizant has upped the ante; now it’s time for the ambitious providers to open their war-chests

Let’s take a peak at the providers putting themselves in the firing line for the Chicago Blueprint Summit this Fall

Did you hear the one about the Mamil (middle aged man in lycra), who got off his bike, donned a suit and tie and joined a Big 4 consulting firm to wax lyrical about sourcing strategy?

Clients are genuinely walking away from outsourcing relationships which provide mediocre value