IBM (by) Design

IBM shares took a beating in the stock market recently when it abandoned a 2015 EPS goal of $20 set 5 years back by the previous CEO. Yet we believe the course change by leadership was the right one. This report explores why.

The Cloud's Impact on IT Services Providers

As cloud adoption accelerates, it creates the potential for profound changes to the service provider landscape. This report explores what is likely to unfold and the steps a service provider can take to survive.

More Cloud and Business Platforms

The Growing Workday Services Ecosystem

Organizations have a need to align their SaaS investments to business and workforce transformation objectives. In this PoV we highlight the growing services ecosystem developing to address this opportunity, notably with Workday.

Third Time's a Charm: L&T Technology Services Acquires Dell's Engineering Services Businesses

This PoV analyzes the significance of L&T Technology Services acquisition of Dell Engineering Services (formerly eServ) along with the M&A trend in engineering services space in general.

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