Innovation and Opportunities: A Conversation with Michael Corcoran of Accenture

A conversation with Michael Corcoran, Senior Managing Director, Global Growth & Strategy Lead at Accenture, from our As-a-Service Working Summit, on the disruptions and opportunities facing providers and enterprise buyers today. Service Provision Must Have Real Investment to Succeed

HfS has launched our Salesforce Services Blueprint research. Here we share some early highlights and the Value Chain.

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Digital Trust and the Issue of “Mass Risk at Scale”

The rapid pace of #digitaltransformation, the arrival of #IoT, and the rush by organizations to move assets online, has created nirvana for both private and sponsored hackers. Welcome to "mass risk at scale"!

Autonomics Advances the Conversation Beyond RPA

Arago's expansion into the US market is a reference point that the notion of autonomics is the next wave to create value in process automation beyond RPA.

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We need to talk more openly about the future governance of artificially intelligent environments

John Haworth, Chairman of the HfS Sourcing Executive Council, talks to Phil Fersht about why he joined HfS and the upcoming buyers’ summit in Harvard Square

Interview with Vishal Sikka, CEO and MD, Infosys

People care mosy about enjoying the outcomes of what they pay for, not the efforts made to achieve those outcomes