HfS Blueprint Market Landscape - Healthcare Payer Services

July 2013 | Charles Sutherland

The HfS Healthcare Payer BPO Market Landscape, 2013 is based on the following inputs:


Healthcare Payer Enterprise Buyer Interviews: 30 enterprise buyers were recently surveyed per their buying intentions and attitudes towards Healthcare Payer BPO services during December 2012 and January 2013, Up to 5 client references have been sought per Healthcare Payer service provider, and 30 additional qualitative interviews conducted to add context and insight into key trends and dynamics


Service Provider Briefings and Healthcare Payer Contract Information: Over 160 live Healthcare Payer BPO contracts across the 14 major Healthcare Payer services providers were collected and 550 data points were analyzed.


HfS Analysts and Industry Influencers: Inputs and opinion from key influencers in the market were included, in addition to the HfS analyst team.


HfS Sourcing Executive Council Members: Members of HfS buyer community were consulted on their experiences, attitudes towards Healthcare payer BPO issues and the market.

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