Analyst Inquiries

Engage With An Analyst from HfS Research

Clients of HfS Research are entitled to a number of analyst inquiry calls. To extract the most value from your experience, please carefully review the following information. Get the most from your HfS subscription by speaking directly to our analyst(s) and learning how to leverage our research for your business.


Who can schedule a call?

Each client company has a designated contact person (or multiple) within the company. If you would like to schedule a call, please contact your designated contact person. This will likely be your company’s analyst relations lead. If you are interested in becoming your company’s designated contact person (with permission to schedule calls), please contact your analyst relations lead.


How many calls is our company entitled to?

The amount of calls is defined within the contract HfS Research has with the client company. Please speak to your contact person to learn the total number, or the remaining number of calls (if applicable). If you are interested in more analyst inquiries, please contact your account owner.


Fair Use Policy

HfS Research has outlined the amount of calls per week a client is entitled to per a fair use policy. Each client is entitled to a maximum of three 30-minute calls per week, company-wide.


Who can attend the inquiry call?

All participants in the call will be reviewed by HfS Research.


I have submitted an inquiry request, what now?

The appropriate analyst(s) will receive your inquiry request, and we will review your inquiry request. You can expect our feedback within two business days.


How many analysts will attend?

The HfS Research analyst who is most relevant to the topic you have selected will attend the inquiry. If your inquiry is relevant to multiple analysts, we will also route your proposal to them. Only the lead analyst is guaranteed to attend.



Based on the lead analyst's availability and current research focus, analyst inquiries are 30 minutes. You can select 45 minutes or 1 hour, we will consider these 2 calls.