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Our research is based on over 5000 enterprise interviews conducted annually across the Global2000 and read by millions of business people worldwide. We help you have an impact.

“What we’ve experienced – inside of a single year – is the coming together of people to confront their fear of change to face the reality that their organization will sink without it. As an organization you have no choice but to embrace the emerging business world. The choice you do have is how to do it.”

Saurabh Gupta, HFS Chief Research Officer.

At HFS we see a “new dawn” emerging for business and service providers.

Welcome to Vision 2025 – a stake in the ground and a North Star to give organizations across the globe an essential roadmap to thrive. What is clear is that technology alone cannot absorb what has been the biggest shock of a lifetime, the likes of which we will never see again.

HFS Vision 2025 acts as a guide to achieving the five OneOffice fundamentals
HFS Research Agenda grants insight into the major innovations impacting business operations
HFS Skills Driving the OneOffice Organization details the core set of skills to take you where you need to go

“What we need now is the emergence of dynamic digital organizations where people are energized by technology, where they plug into business experiences that are progressing rapidly to places where the possibilities are limitless, where the future is dawning before our eyes,” says Phil Fersht, HFS CEO and Chief Analyst.

What we need is a OneOffice Organization–let HFS be your guide.

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Capgemini seeks to shape a cross-industry 5G ecosystem

The TMT industry is a springboard for horizontal cross-industry solutions.

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Capgemini created a joint venture to develop digital healthcare solutions for the European market

In January 2021, Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali, and Orange joined hands to build a joint venture for developing patient-centric healthcare solutions that can be used across Europe. The new entity will be launched virtually in October 2021 and physically in December 2021.

Points of View

Smart, AI-driven business services have a dramatic impact on getting effective vaccines to patients at speed and scale

Genpact UK chosen as the partner to supply the AI for the crucial role of rapidly evaluating all adverse drug reactions.

Points of View

TMT enterprises must build a 5G roadmap to grasp the industry’s emerging narrative

5G is no longer about getting ahead of the curve—but there’s still an opportunity to be a trailblazer while much of the industry catches up.

Points of View

Mphasis’ next act—applied innovation in the digital dog years

The HFS take on sustaining Mphasis’ success with its growth CEO, Nitin Rakesh