Sourcing Industry Group

HFS Research and the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), the premier membership organization for sourcing, procurement and outsourcing executives, announced a global partnership in 2017. The partnership agreement sees the two global influencers come together to deliver global research and insight, and develop a portfolio of initiatives to benefit members and subscribers.


SIG is a membership organization that provides thought leadership and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement and outsourcing from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies and the advisors who serve them. SIG is widely known as a forum for sharing “next” practices and thought leadership through live networking events, virtual forums and a comprehensive online SIG resource center (SRC), which was developed by and for professionals in sourcing and outsourcing. The organization is unique in that it blends practitioners, service providers and advisory firms in a non-commercial environment. SIG is also the parent organization for SIG University, a one-of-a-kind certification and training program for professionals and executives seeking deep expertise in sourcing and governance for themselves or their teams, as well as Outsource, which provides unrivaled digital content for the opinion-formers and decision-makers at the heart of the outsourcing space.


"A titan in the sourcing industry, SIG has always provided its members with high-quality events, a community spirit and great insights. As the industry rapidly evolves as a result of secular change agents like RPA and AI, many enterprises are struggling to adapt to the digital economy and make the bold steps they need to stay competitive. We are delighted to be partnering with a forward-thinking, dynamic and impactful organization as SIG and engaging with their members.”


– Phil Fersht, CEO, HFS


Upcoming SIG Global Summits and SIGnature Events:


SIG provides amazing networking opportunites for sourcing professionals. With Global Summits, Regional Events, Virtual Forums, and more, SIG is a great place to network with peers. They offer a variety of networking events, including:

January 31, 2018
May 16, 2018
February 28, 2018
May 16, 2018
Global Summit, Washington, DC
March 26-29, 2018
September 12, 2018
April 04, 2018
Global Summit, California
October 16, 2018
April 12, 2018
November 07, 2018
April 25, 2018
November 13, 2018
May 09, 2018


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