Our Values

HFS is purpose-driven and so our values are really important to us. They define who we are as an organisation and how we go about our daily work.

  • We think differently. We challenge ourselves as well as our clients, to find new ways of working in an increasingly connected world. Ever curious, we’re always alert to new opportunities to learn and to share with others. We strive to keep improving and we’re not afraid to fail.
  • We dare to say it. Our voice is differentiated in that we truly own our views rather than just mirror what others might be saying, often taking a stand against market populism. Our views are based on deep-domain research and legitimate inference drawn from our considerable market experience.
  • We are omnipresent. We are conspicuous in a crowded market because our activities are highly visible, intrusive even. We actively engage with the connected ecosystem, freely sharing our research and continuously driving collaboration, debate and discussion. We have an ‘always-on’ approach to the markets we serve.
  • We are positive change agents. We are passionate about what we do and recognise our duty of care to positively drive our industry forward for the societal, economic and technological benefit of our communities.

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