At HFS we act responsibly in all that we do.

As a major influencer in our markets we strongly believe we should be a force for positive change – unlocking value, not only in our day to day business activities, but beyond these to support all our stakeholders including the communities and environments in which we work. Our Responsibility strategy, associated policies and standards underpin our commercial activities, enhance our relationships in multiple geographic regions, and positively empower our employees. Our key principles focus on our people, our suppliers, our clients and our communities.

Recognising our people are the difference

At HFS transparency, authenticity, respect and honesty are a part of our DNA. As a growing business with highly talented employees, our deep-domain knowledge, skillsets and unique approach to doing business ensures we continue to deliver great service and positive outcomes. At the centre of all of this is our absolute belief that everybody, from our employees to our clients and suppliers, feels able to engage with HFS at all levels knowing that they can be themselves, whoever they are. We strive at all times to provide a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace for our people ensuring they are listened to, rewarded appropriately and developed to be the best that they can be.

Driving responsible business practices

We strongly believe a company can take actions to both increase profits and improve economic and social conditions in the community where it operates. We conduct our business in an open, honest and transparent manner, and always look for opportunities to embed responsible and sustainable business practices into the way we work with clients and suppliers, as well as how we run our own business.

Delivering sustainable value for clients

We create value for our clients by working closely with them to better understand their evolving needs. We adopt a partnership approach with them in order to tackle issues that are of high importance to them, and actively support the development of their market engagement strategies.

Investing in our communities

As a market leader and independent voice, we recognise that we have a duty to contribute to the wider economy. We are committed to investing and engaging with local communities where we have a presence; creating jobs and using local suppliers as well as supporting our clients in tackling their own local socio-economic issues.

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