David Cushman

Based near Cambridge UK, David Cushman is a Digital Strategy and Innovation Expert with experience in start-up, scale-up, and large scale digital transformation programs.

With a combination of tech nous (from Data and CRM to NBA, ML and AI) through to analytics and human behavior and practice leadership in CX/digital strategy, David is an integral part of the HFS OneOffice Platform dream team.

He has a lifelong fascination for ‘what-comes-next’ – always seeking to understand the impact of emerging technologies on how we live, work and create value.

David is a published author (The 10 Principles of Open Business – Palgrave-Macmillan 2014) and an experienced Tier-1 Services Consulting Director.

He holds a Joint Honours Degree from Essex University in Philosophy & Sociology, enjoys reading, writing, traveling and thinking (exploration of all kinds), embraces change and always seeks the learning opportunity. But for all that he has supported Leeds United Football Club since he was seven years old. Some things just can’t be unlearned.

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