David Cushman

Based near Cambridge UK, David Cushman is a Digital Strategy and Innovation Expert with experience in start-up, scale-up, and large scale digital transformation programs.

With a combination of tech nous (from Data and CRM to NBA, ML and AI) through to analytics and human behavior and practice leadership in CX/digital strategy, David is an integral part of the HFS OneOffice Platform dream team.

He has a lifelong fascination for ‘what-comes-next’ – always seeking to understand the impact of emerging technologies on how we live, work and create value.

David is a published author (The 10 Principles of Open Business – Palgrave-Macmillan 2014) and an experienced Tier-1 Services Consulting Director.

He holds a Joint Honours Degree from Essex University in Philosophy & Sociology, enjoys reading, writing, traveling and thinking (exploration of all kinds), embraces change and always seeks the learning opportunity. But for all that he has supported Leeds United Football Club since he was seven years old. Some things just can’t be unlearned.

Content By David Cushman

Points of View

OneOffice, One World - The pandemic must inspire us to address climate change - which has no vaccination

If there is one lesson we will eventually take from COVID-19, it’s the paranoia that government and business leaders now live with: the constant fear that a crisis like this could ever catch them cold again. This paranoia must spur...

Hot Vendors

HFS OneOffice Hot Vendors Q1 2021

The HFS Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging players, each with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice. HFS analysts speak with numerous exciting startups and emerging players. We designate a select group as the HFS Hot...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Solink’s new use cases enable work-from-anywhere managers to build better brick-and-mortar experiences

Video and analytics business Solink has seen demand for its cloud-based video surveillance platform rocket during the pandemic. That demand has been driven in large part by the expansion beyond security and anti-fraud use cases, into operational services - as...

Points of View

Automation Anywhere lobs a Hail Mary pass to Google, hoping to make its cloud-native automation dreams come true

The recent partnership between Google and Automation Anywhere (AA) has a lot more meat to it than your usual “we now integrate with…” RPA (robotic process automation) announcement. The need to automate processes in the cloud to deliver the data...

Points of View

Work-from-anywhere economy drives a huge reliance on customer data platforms

When companies with the size and stature of Aetna, Amazon, Nationwide Insurance, Microsoft, and Unilever commit to maintaining a hybrid work model well beyond COVID-19—when home working is encouraged—then businesses must prepare for a seismic shift in not just how,...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Quorum becomes energy’s big beast of BPM

The energy industry has a new big beast in business process management – in a merger and acquisition promising fast-track benefits for digital transformation customers. Houston-headquartered Quorum Software – the oil and gas industry digital transformation platform named an HFS...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: WorkFusion’s Series F $220M war chest – a lot of money – not a lot of surprises

WorkFusion’s $220m Series F investment injection will be spent going deeper into the banking and financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors – a strategy which if executed well could make it the dominant industry-specific automation choice in the lucrative category....

Points of View

HFS Data Viewpoint: The race for innovation advantage: Tech company R&D spend versus VC investment in US start-ups

If you want to know the future – invent it – so the saying goes. And if you invent it, there’s a good chance you own it. No wonder R&D and VC investment is accelerating. Salesforce’s total R&D spend of...

Points of View

Adopt Design Thinking to Craft Your Work-from-Anywhere Future

Design thinking is re-emerging as a critical transformational activity in 2021 as enterprise leaders move beyond their "fix-and-survive" mode to compete effectively in the "work-from-anywhere" economy Design thinking is an iterative process for solving problems creatively, fleshing out the desired...

Points of View

HFS Data Viewpoint: 2021 Hyper Hype: How UiPath’s bubble has blown (even) bigger than the most admired enterprise apps 

The S&P 500 price-to-sale ratio (with an overall valuation of 2.85 x revenue) may be riding at an all-time high as we get rolling in 2021 – but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the wonder numbers bubbling...

Points of View

HFS Data Viewpoint: Covid accelerates OneOffice interdisciplinary culture of data-fuelled, real-time adaptability

Covid-19 is accelerating a shift towards a OneOffice work culture, rapidly evolving from siloed working to interdisciplinary collaboration, prioritizing inclusivity and amplifying data-powered decision-making in every process as the enterprise shapes post-Covid ways of working. We asked 400 executives from...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: The OneOffice Emerging Tech Stack enables enterprise-wide decision-making when certainty is in short supply

Today’s C-suite are tackling a tsunami of uncertainty that established, deterministic rules-based business processes are ill-equipped to make sense of, let alone make value from. HFS Research’s OneOffice Emerging Tech Platform (Exhibit One) advocates what enterprises need to thrive in...

Points of View

Marketers need customer data platforms to accelerate to OneOffice success

Customer data platforms meet three critical “must-haves” for marketers—cloud, speed, and anticipation Customer data platforms (CDPs) meet three urgent needs for marketers to champion a OneOffice mindset. The cloud-based platforms can handle the pandemic-accelerated trend to work from anywhere, they...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: OneOffice Emerging Tech is the nervous system to make transformation real

The gap between concept and reality in enterprise-wide digital transformation is finally closed - by OneOffice Emerging Tech Until now, we lacked clarity on the detail of how to engineer the move from the idyll of a strategist’s vision of...

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