Don Ryan

Don Ryan joined HFS Research in August 2020 as Senior Vice President of Research and Consulting. His recent role was as Director for global research and thought leadership for business and outsourcing services, digital technology, and AI deployment at KPMG LLC. Recently, Don collaborated with HFS on the highly publicized white paper, “Enterprise Reboot: Scaling digital technologies in the new reality”, a major study to delineate the impact of COVID-19 on technology implementation.

Don brings a broad background in forecasting technology trends, quantifying the market impact of brand experience/customer loyalty and analyzing the changing nature of business operating models. Don’s insights gained through research and analytical roles at TNS, META Group, Current Analysi and FEDEX along with his education at the Wharton School will help HFS clients identify new directions and opportunities.

At HFS Don will lead large research-based advisory engagements and continue his long-standing coverage of technology, media & telecom vertical as well as enterprise application platforms and ecosystems.

Content By Don Ryan

Points of View

New digital reality dictates reimagining customer and employee experience expectations

The opportunity to develop deep collaborative capabilities between customers and employees has never been greater than it is in this emerging business environment. In October 2020, HFS, with the support of HGS, brought together 20 thought leaders from major global...

Points of View

Discover the expanding AND converging telecom-media-technology (TMT) value chain

HFS Research launches its first-ever Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) Services Providers Top 10 report, due in Q1 2021. Many of the world’s best-known companies found their fame by occupying sweet spots in the individual telecom, media, and technology (TMT)...

Points of View

Solve the Digital Dilemma in the Pandemic Economy - Three approaches to doing more with less

The need for digital deployment is skyrocketing post the pandemic shock, but spending appetite is falling to subsistence levels as we enter a recessionary economy. In 2020, in survey after survey conducted by HFS, over half of major enterprises expressed...

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