Joel Martin

Joel Martin is Vice President, Cloud Strategies at HFS. Joel’s role is to aid organizations in making crucial decisions on designing, adopting, managing, and governing their growing portfolio of as-a-Service solutions. Executives and business leaders will benefit from concise research on harnessing cloud-based solutions to support the workplace’s rapid, fundamental changes.

Success in the 2020s will depend on an organization’s leadership and understanding about how cloud strategies will deliver results that amplify success, provide reliable services, and reshape interactions with customers, employees, and global markets. Based on research, insights from across HfS, and professional experiences, Joel will guide conversations about successfully leveraging the workplace native competencies of Intelligent Automation and the OneOffice to optimize investments in people, partnerships, and technology.

Before HfS, Joel held senior roles in global enterprise software, intellectual property, semiconductor, and research firms. Joel has led product programs, built solutions, and led company strategies to adopt solutions based on the cloud. After graduating from the University of Houston, Joel’s career has taken him to New York, San Francisco, Prague, Sydney, and Toronto. He currently resides in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and daughters, where he has taken up electric guitar to annoy his neighbours, family, and friends.

Content By Joel Martin

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HFS Highlight: IBM is embracing Open: Open Source, Open to Ideas, Open to Partnership, and Open to Innovate

What business and technology leaders should take away from IBM Think is less about technology innovation or new products but more about how IBM and its customers embrace leadership and cultural change in an “Open Age.” At Think, IBM announced...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Unit4 shifts ERP from being an application your business runs to a platform for delivering business value

Suppose you are an executive in professional services, the public or nonprofit sectors, or higher education who has continually struggled with getting the data to run your organization or business. In this case, Unit4's ERPx might just be the answer....

Points of View

Adopt existing technology and business governance on your cloud journey to cloud native

Cloud computing remains a highly consumed technology, and we have regularly—but briefly—discussed its adoption rate in our quarterly analysis. The IT world is heavily dependent on the cloud for applications, infrastructure, security, analytics, IoT, and much more. Beyond that, it...

Top 10 Reports

HFS Top 10: Hyperscaler Cloud Service Providers 2021

The HFS Top 10 Hyperscaler Cloud Service Providers examines the leading services firms developing their partnerships, solutions, and capabilities on delivering cloud services value stream solutions. HFS analyzes 12 global service providers across a defined series of innovation, execution, and...

Market Analysis

HFS Market Analysis: Disruptive Hyperscaler Cloud Service Providers

The HFS Market Analysis Disruptive Cloud Service Providers examines vendors likely to challenge global services firms for delivering regional, industry, and global cloud services. This research will discuss these vendors and their developing partnerships, solutions, and capabilities for delivering cloud...

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HFS Highlight: Accenture’s Technology Vision 2021: Leaders have to Rise Up for a Once in a Generation Opportunity to Change

HFS declared 2020 the year enterprises realized digital is not optional. Storming into 2021 we have an unprecedented, opportunity to make rapid, fundamental changes to the way we design and run our organizations. As HFS has outlined in our Vision 2025 around the need for a OneOffice approach for...

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HFS Highlight: IBM’s seemingly innocuous acquisition of cloud payments fintech, Expertus Technologies, heralds in the next chapter of B2B payments innovation

2020 was the year enterprises realized digital is not optional. The financial services version of this statement is that digital was recognized as more than slick consumer interaction services like online banking, digital loan applications, or robo wealth advisory. Digital...

Points of View

Five questions to ask about SLAs as you move to the cloud

Migrating applications and services to the cloud creates many benefits intrinsically aligned with HFS’ concept of the journey toward the Digital OneOffice. As your organization becomes dependent on cloud-based technologies, astute leaders must pay close attention to the contracts and...

Points of View

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cloud Native: Align People, Process, and Culture

As an executive in a large company, you may be struggling with your role in aiding your organization to achieve its desired outcomes by embracing the cloud. Begin your cloud-native journey by using the current situation as a catalyst for...

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HFS Highlight: IBM joins the war for Hyperscaler Talent, Acquires Taos to boost Multi-Cloud and MSP Offerings

IBM's Taos acquisition is excellent news for C-suite executives leading their business’ journey to become cloud-native. The purchase, announced on January 14, 2021, promises more choice to IBM’s customers with hybrid and multi-cloud platforms while allowing Taos’ customers to benefit from global services and...

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