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Learn how Infosys helped Conagra deploy a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)

For many enterprises, ServiceNow has become an integral business platform—a cornerstone of their technology stack. The tool is usually part of a broader digital transformation program, and leaders often find themselves caught between implementing and scaling the platform rapidly and...

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Use service partners to import fresh thinking to your industry

An agricultural equipment manufacturer partners with Infosys to ensure farmers have the tools and capabilities they need to feed the world     In a relatively short period, business leaders have shifted the focus of their competitive lens from their...

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Balance cost and quality for agile apps market success

Over the past three months, we’ve conducted plenty of client reference calls to understand how the agile software services market is evolving and what “good” looks like from a client’s perspective. While vendors spend billions investing in new tools, technologies,...

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Employ flexibility and integrity to woo enterprises with cultural affinity

One of the hardest things to do as an IT service provider is to differentiate. HFS analysts sit in on hundreds of briefing calls a year in which we hear about a supplier’s services. The remarkable thing is how undifferentiated...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Atos scoops up AI-Driven Detection and Response firm Paladion

Over the next 12 months we can expect enterprise investment in cybersecurity services and solutions to increase sharply, in contrast to decreased spending in core IT and technology spending as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Enterprise leaders across the...

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HFS Highlight: Accenture bolsters cloud talent pool with Gekko acquisition

At a time when enterprise investment plans have come screeching to a halt, the appetite for cloud services has - in contrast - increased significantly. The growth, primarily fuelled by a desperate need to pivot enterprise infrastructure to enable remote...

Top 10 Reports

HFS Top 10: Agile Software Development, 2020

What this Top 10 Report covers   The HFS Top 10: Agile Software Development, 2020 report examines how service providers are evolving their software development offerings and capabilities in light of the move to agile development methods The report investigates...

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