Ramanan Rajagopalan

Ram is based in Bangalore and brings with him over 19 years of experience that spans strategy consulting, business development and market research. He has worked on opportunity growth consulting, issue-based consulting, market research and business development assignments with clients in Europe, North America, Japan and India. 

While the financial goal of an assignment ends in either growing the top-line or reducing the bottom-line, the charm is in working with the stakeholders at multiple levels and formulating the most effective, yet rational approach and solutions. This would, predominantly, define Ram’s prior roles in companies like IBM, Wipro, Genpact and Frost & Sullivan. 

Ram enjoys jogging and reading books on science, maths, economics and philosophy.  He loves traveling to historic places. 

Ram has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA, and is certified in Business Analytics and Intelligence by IIM, Bangalore. 

Content By Ramanan Rajagopalan

Top 10 Reports

Supply Chain Service Providers 2021

The HFS Supply chain Services Providers Top 10 2021 report examines the role service providers play in the Supply chain industry. We assessed and rated the Supply chain-specific service capabilities of 11 service providers across a defined series of innovation,...

Data Viewpoints

Supply chain will benefit from digital initiatives

Over 80% of supply chain organizations lack C-level commitment to adopt new technologies and lack organizational alignment. 50% of the supply chain organizations lack clear digital strategy. 40% of the supply chain organizations work with archaic and broken processes and...

Points of View

BFS firms expect more from partners in cloud journeys

Around 74% of the global BFS firms strongly agree that they are focusing on managing investments more effectively in infrastructure. The role of cloud has evolved from being a mere change agent to a dominant business enabler in BFS firms....

Points of View

Improving experience is the top priority for companies

Close to 90% of the BFS firms look to improve their customer experiences compared to 62% of respondents from all the industries. It needs to be noted that half of the BFS firms across the globe have rightsizing staff as...

Points of View

Target segments and value chain activities to expand IoT services

The proliferation of connected devices and systems has driven demand for captured data. Enterprises are increasingly relying on smart sensors to capture data on parameters that play a crucial role in operational environments running with connected devices. Real-time access to...

Points of View

Bad Data is Killing Your Data Transformation Efforts

In 2017, The Economist published a story titled, “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Since its publication, this assertion is no longer controversial. “Data is the new oil” has become a common refrain, and there...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Infosys SCALEs its engineering services with the connected digital eco-system

In early March 2021, HFS attended the "Infosys Engineering Services Analysts and Advisors Meet" to get a preview of the Infosys Engineering Services' landscape. Interacting with the Infosys leadership and its engineering clients, we got a view of how the...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: TCS Algo Retail™ is well-positioned to deliver exponential value through its Cognitive supply chain solution

COVID-19, which came as a black swan in 2020, has opened the pandora's box containing unsolved and unanticipated problems across the retail industry's supply chain function. Considered as a linear system where operational improvement is achieved by addressing the siloed...

Hot Vendors

HFS OneOffice Hot Vendors Q1 2021

The HFS Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging players, each with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice. HFS analysts speak with numerous exciting startups and emerging players. We designate a select group as the HFS Hot...

Points of View

BFSI firms need to refine their FinTech programs to focus on outcomes rather than partner identification

As we slogged through the first year of a new decade under the shadow of a global pandemic, the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector is weathering this latest storm. The pandemic has re-contextualized digital, and BFSI firms have...

Points of View

If the Cap fits, wear it: This is the new, reinvigorated Wipro

Wipro goes big and bold with its BFSI and consulting-driven acquisition of Capco The pandemic economy has leveled the playing field for many service providers—and Wipro is no exception. Enterprises must move at speed to make themselves work-from-anywhere capable, and...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Infosys establishes its role as a partner helping clients succeed in their growth journeys

As the world experiences the impact of COVID-19, businesses are struggling to sculpt their way forward and do whatever it takes to stay relevant and plan for growth. Businesses are rewriting their strategic growth equations that need to factor in...

Points of View

Unchain Your Supply Chain - Adopt the OneOffice Mindset

Musings from the Virtual Roundtable on Supply Chain Management COVID-19 shined a light on our supply chains and illuminated the cracks that have always existed. The pandemic shock created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for supply chain executives to do what we...

Points of View

Focus on digital led growth imperatives to survive and thrive

In 2020, the decades-old corporate mindset of resisting change flipped overnight to one of advocating change just to ensure survival. This worldwide seismic shift has forced enterprises to pursue and realize their digital transformation possibilities. Supported by Infosys, HFS led...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Daimler has got the timing right to embrace cloud through partnership with Infosys

COVID-19 has brought with it the need for businesses to adapt quickly and change gears and directions swiftly to survive. To ensure survival, automotive companies need to find means to work with broader mobility concepts, which will require on-demand access...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Wipro signed a large contract with Metro AG to help the client organization on digital-led growth through innovation

Large information technology (IT) services rebadging deals come with both opportunities and challenges for the service providers. Wipro landed such a deal recently wherein it will have 1,300 employees moving from METRO-NOM GMBH in Germany and METRO Systems Romania S.R.L....

Points of View

Doing more with less | Align emerging tech investments with business goals beyond narrow financial savings

The pandemic has upended spending plans for emerging technologies that are leveraged in a wide range of digital solutions, including AI, machine learning, automation, and cloud. Overall spending during the second quarter of 2020 is down by about 50% for...

Points of View

Automation should be native to your organization to achieve digital nirvana

In HFS’ recent digital roundtable, supported by IBM, a select group of enterprise delegates gathered to discuss automation’s role in achieving digital nirvana. The anchor of our conversation was the recently released report, The five automation “have-to-haves”—you won’t achieve your...

Points of View

The five automation “have-to-haves”— you won’t achieve your digital nirvana without them.

Click to read The Five Automation "Have-to-Haves" - You Won't Achieve Your Digital Nirvana Without Them

Points of View

Solve the Digital Dilemma in the Pandemic Economy - Three approaches to doing more with less

The need for digital deployment is skyrocketing post the pandemic shock, but spending appetite is falling to subsistence levels as we enter a recessionary economy. In 2020, in survey after survey conducted by HFS, over half of major enterprises expressed...

Top 10 Reports

HFS Top 10 Source-to-Pay (S2P) Service Providers

The HFS Top 10 S2P service providers report examines 12 service providers across a defined series of innovation, execution, and voice of the customer criteria. The report highlights the overall ratings for all participants and the top five leaders for...

Highlight Reports

HFS Highlight: Bosch launches GuardMe – a comprehensive, innovative, and compliant lone worker protection solution

There are around 30 million lone workers in Europe who work out of sight without close or direct supervision. And this number is expected to rise significantly post Covid-19 as Work-From-Home (WFH) becomes the norm. Lone workers carry a significant...

Points of View

Learn from the Paradigm Shock: Ignore BCP/DR at your own peril

The IBM GBS story to scale WFH post Covid-19 The world changed overnight and the new abnormal is here! The one critical but obvious lesson is to be safe, not sorry. In the post Covid-19 world, Business Continuity Planning and...

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