Sarah Little

Sarah Little is a Practice Leader, focusing on big industry themes such as leadership, culture, and change management as well as dedicated research into employee experience, HR Transformation and the HFS Digital OneOffice experience. 
Sarah joined HFS in 2012 as Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing and Events, responsible for overall front-end management of online products and services and the growth and development of the HFS events sector. Prior to HFS, Sarah applied her background in computer science and communications to deliver comprehensive marketing and communications strategies across platforms and audience channels with resourceful internal teams and vendor partners.
Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media Studies from the University of Denver. She resides in Dallas, TX (“Big-D”) with her family, and when she’s catching some personal time you can track her down on the soccer field. 

Content By Sarah Little

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Phil Fersht keynote delivers data behind Global 2k upheaval and COVID relief in India

On June 8, 2021, HFS’ CEO and Chief Analyst Phil Fersht launched the inaugural HFS OneOffice™ Digital Symposium with a keynote address delivering 20 minutes of just-released HFS Pulse data directly from the Global 2000. Focal areas include: Data for...

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Unselfish leadership is the concept that is still relevant in today's world

HFS Symposium 2021: Digi-side chat between Phil Fersht, HFS CEO and Chief Analyst, and Jesus Mantas, Senior Managing Partner, IBM HFS recently concluded its inaugural two-day HFS OneOffice™ Digital Symposium, held June 8-9, 2021. HFS CEO and Chief Analyst Phil Fersht...

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Experience the exponential age at the intersection of technology and society

Azeem Azhar moves a mile a minute. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor in over 40 companies, strategist, analyst, influential host of the podcast and newsletter Exponential View, and author of the forthcoming book, The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology...

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Capgemini’s Vision to Create Frictionless Enterprise Operations

The business services industry has been overdue for some much-needed changes, and now digital transformation agendas are pushing a pace of change never seen before. The future is here, and there is no time to wait. So how will service...

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OneOffice skills critical for survival continue to be under-invested

Digital Fluency – the ability to drive the seamless interplay between business and technology - is recognized as the most urgent business skill to ramp up in today’s pandemic-accelerated rush-to transformation. But investment in Digital Fluency is lagging behind –...

Point of View

Is AI just a load of fake news, or the real deal?

There have been decades of hype in AI, but where there has been myth, there has also been reality. Test your knowledge of the truth vs. hype with industry luminary, Sandeep Dadlani, Chief Digital Officer of Mars, in conversation with...

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Skills Driving the OneOffice Organization: The future of work is here.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin. To survive and thrive, we have to look at a core sets of skills–and new applications of existing...

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Cognizant's Ambition to Engineer the Modern Enterprise

Click to read 'Cognizant's Ambition to Engineer the Modern Enterprise'

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Technology alone will not bridge the Digital Divide

“There is an extraordinary change in the momentum of importance on digital capabilities—and those who haven’t moved aggressively on this are falling behind every day.” Traci Gusher, National Leader AI and Enterprise Innovation KPMG Businesses require essential technologies that are...

Top 10 Report

HFS Top 10 Employee Experience Services 2020: HR Transformation and Strategy

The rise of employee experience (EX) is the catalyst driving competitive advantage and deeper engagement across personal, social, and organizational domains. With an imperative for people, HR leaders are driving EX within the HR function and in concert with leadership...

Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: PwC generates EX value with a data-driven framework

A connected employee experience is the fundamental building block of the organization, but how do you solve for perceived gaps in experience and establish quantifiable value along the way?  PwC is placing big bets that with a data-driven strategy, the firm can help clients...

Highlight Report

Deloitte’s x-factor elevates human experience to drive end-to-end business results

Work as we know it is being redefined, where this whole idea of “return to work” is really the “future of work” happening right now, just accelerated. Deloitte’s differentiated approach to experience is founded on the evolution from thinking of...

Highlight Report

HFS Highlight: One to watch: SD Worx steadily builds an HR-solutions powerhouse for the mid-market

For those thinking about the post-COVID future of work, a scalable, flexible, fluid workforce is here to stay. In 2018 alone, 53% of employees surveyed worked remotely at least half of the week, with 70% working remotely at some point...

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HFS’ Four Phases of Paradigm Shock drives the people-powered organization

Gone are the days of complacency, where we had years of relative lethargy, where most enterprise leadership were comfortable running their organizations with legacy structures, content to manage age-old processes the same way as long as the profits rolled in. ...

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Enterprises must beat down their process debt to help their humans achieve automation success

Many of today’s enterprise automation initiatives are delivering lackluster results due to too much focus on tinkering with technology and too little focus on optimizing processes and enabling humans to prioritize high-value work.   This was the overwhelming factor we...

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