Webinar: Achieving Intelligent Automation in Business Operations


Optimizing operations through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and machine learning present significant promise for global enterprises, particularly as they look to unlock value from decades-old operating models and relationships (BPO and/or shared services) for success in the Digital future.


However, success stories of automation at scale (at least those publicly reported) are limited; while the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries seem to be leading the way, many organizations are grappling with how to get an effective strategy and operating model in place. They struggle with myriad tool choices and struggle to understand robotic vs. machine learning vs. cognitive approaches to automation.


Experts from HfS Research, Hexaware, and HSBC will discuss the results from a global study of the state of practice in automation conducted across several enterprises in varying stages of automation adoption.


Attend and learn:

  • Where are global enterprises in their automation journey today?
  • Implementing automation at scale – key insights and best practices
  • What to consider for automation strategy and tools; especially as it pertains to RPA and beyond
  • Operating models that global enterprises are adopting or considering
  • Approaches to driving culture change



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