HFS Unfiltered: #2 A Hitchhikers guide to “Cloud Native” with Tom Reuner & Jamie Dobson

Cloud Native can be confusing. What is it? A way of working? A type of culture? The truth is, it’s all of those things. In this podcast, we are joined by Jamie Dobson, the founder of Container Solutions and the author of Cloud Native Transformation.

We explore how becoming Cloud Native is not so much about cost savings but more about value capture. We address the confusion as to what Cloud Native is, even though it’s clear that it has already impacted society by changing the way we shop, bank, watch TV, and even educate ourselves.

Finally, we take a look at the Container Solution’s method for risk-free Cloud Native transformation and how it’s easy to get lost along the way.


Tom Reuner, SVP Research, HFS

Special Guest:

Jamie Dobson, CEO, Container Solutions

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