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HfS Webinar: Digital, Digital Everywhere, But What About my Global Business Services?

This webinar discusses the following issues:
  • How are Digital Technologies impacting the enterprise – and what opportunities and challenges are they creating?
  • What are the macro drivers causing us to evaluate Digital across industries and geographies?  Why do we have to keep ahead of this supposed “Disruption”?
  • How should Global Business Services (GBS) and Sourcing Governance organizations approach Digital advancements, and how should they prioritize these technologies?
  • How should GBS and Governance executives leverage Digital transformation within their processes – is this increasingly their responsibility, or should they sit with the CIO
  • How should GBS and Governance organizations align Digital transformation with advances with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence? Are these emerging trends intertwined?
  • If GBS executives are truly to be “Brokers of Capability” how should they reorient their career goals to be measured by business outcomes, as opposed to traditional metrics?
  • And how can we work with our emerging talent to get them focused on Digital capabilities in our business operations?


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