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HFS Webinar: Learn about the HFS Vision 2025: The New Dawn to become a OneOffice Organization

We have a once-in-an-era opportunity to make rapid, fundamental changes to the way we design and run our businesses. This opportunity forces us to rethink our skillsets, our careers, and the places where we work. This is a time to revisit those values important to us and to challenge our appetite for learning new techniques and ways of conducting business.

On this webinar, you’ll from HFS analysts on our Vision and how we expect technology and business operations to evolve as the fog lifts from the toughest and most challenging time in recent history.

Speakers and topics include;

Host – Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst

  • Tom Reuner, SVP Research – IT modernisation on steroids: the IT guts of going all-cloud-all-digital with actual urgency
  • Elena Christopher, SVP Research – The Trifecta and why it’s about joining up the pieces, not obsessing on the parts
  • Don Ryan, SVP Research – the Death of GBS and the emergence ion the OneOffice as the operating framework for the work-anywhere enterprise
  • Phil Fersht – the OneOffice Skills needed to Ensure Digital Fluency
  • Saurabh Gupta, Chief Research Officer- the massive healthcare revolution and how the tech and services industry can provide intelligence, scale and agility
  • The 2021 HFS Research Agenda and how it will drive all our focus as we position for a brave new world
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