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HfS Webinar: The Raw Truth About Intelligent Automation

Our webinar examined the following issues:


  • What extent are businesses using robots for knowledge processes solely for cost savings, efficiency gain or true differentiation?
  • How can businesses tap the real prize of RPA: intelligent outcomes and as a force-multiplier for smart people?
  • What are the real results on efficiency (money saved) versus enhancement (analytics and meaning-making) outcomes?
  • How should buyers calibrate their short, medium, and long-term strategies on adoption of intelligent automation?
  • How can functional leaders (like IT, process owners, chiefs of data science) collaborate and commit to deliver, given the stakes are high and all are presented with huge opportunities – and potential risks?
  • What is the realistic impact on future labor – will we really see mass job elimination, or a mass creation of more relevant, valuable roles for staff? What’s next in the Intelligent Process Automation?


 This webinar replay is available on request. Reach out to us to get access! 

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