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Leadership Live Fireside Chat: All aboard with Delaporte – How Wipro is Embarking on a Radical Mindset & Operating Model Shift Under CEO Thierry Delaporte

Listen to Wipro CEO and Managing Director Thierry Delaporte in a direct 1:1 with HFS CEO and Chief Analyst Phil Fersht

The Pandemic Economy is significantly impacting the IT and business services needs of the global 2000, and the future calls for far more business-aligned transformative services.

Listen to HFS CEO Phil Fersht on a “Leadership Live” fireside chat with Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte ­– revealing how Wipro is thinking beyond the traditional paradigms of software and service delivery and embracing new ways of working that expedite value delivery and enhance customer and employee experiences.

Central topics discussed include:

  • The post-pandemic “have-to-haves” for enterprise clients
  • Re-assessing Wipro’s chosen battlegrounds across markets, sectors, and offerings
  • Simplifying an organizational structure to balance global reach and local connect
  • “OneWipro” and the mindset shift that prioritizes collaboration


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