Leaping on new F&A priorities and expectations How finance is becoming more customer focused, predictive, and strategic



With advances in technology and a changing competitive environment, many businesses have new, higher expectations from their finance functions. Chief among them is the need to enhance the user and customer experience, and generate actionable insight for the business.


Becoming a strategic partner means CFOs must enable their teams with data-driven approaches that deliver more accurate predictive insight and supports enterprise-wide decision making. But, Genpact’s research shows that many finance teams still have a way to go before achieving these goals.


In this webinar, learn how finance can evolve into a strategic partner by:

  • Becoming more customer and user-centric
  • Unleashing the benefits of digital, data, and analytics
  • Building an adaptive workforce by bringing in new talent and reskilling your teams
  • Developing strong partnerships, internally and externally
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