Mad geopolitics, a pandemic, a looming depression, martial law? What’s wrong with a little disruption folks?

June 18 2020 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 


Listen to one hour of unbridled, unsponsored and unfiltered discussion “radio show style” hosted by Phil Fersht. No videos and lousy webcams, just good old audio and a serious line-up of industry big hitters.


The Thorny Questions we Tackled:


Now we’re over the New Abnormal, what does New Normal look like before we find our Next Normal?


How rapid is this new wave of digital acceleration and automation?  Which industries and business areas are going to make the leap?


Is EX the new CX as our staff and customers share the same duality of environment?


Is this “Work from Anywhere” really the future work model or just a passing phase during these lock-down months?


How will the hyperconnected economy shakeout amidst all the madness?  Will supply chains ever be the same? 


How will the future services firms be effective?  Can the current crop survive, and what will be the winning formula in 2021?


Join Phil and his badass friends as they attack a living room near you. Oh and keep your kids and dogs locked up:


Malcolm Frank, President of Digital Business, Cognizant
Marie Myers, Chief Transformation Officer, HP
Chris Caldwell, President, Concentrix Corporation 

Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer and SVP M&T Bank 
Jason Kingdon, Chairman and CEO, Blue Prism 
Kalyan “KK” Kumar, Corporate VP and Chief Technology Officer, HCL 
Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analsyt, HFS

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