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Move from task automation to transformation: Bacardi drives sustainable scale with process specialization

Thursday, July 11, 2019 | 11 AM ET

RPA is dead—or at least in a coma—when it comes to driving business transformation. Despite the continued massive market hype, enterprises are challenged to scale their RPA programs beyond task automation. RPA is often being used to prop up legacy systems and processes, and attended use cases abound that require messy loops of human and bot interplay with resulting processes looking suspiciously similar to their pre-RPA incarnations. As an industry, we need to move on from incrementally tweaking our tasks to transforming our business processes and functions.


One of the key challenges enterprises face in leveraging automation like RPA to drive transformation is that the tools you are using are horizontal in focus; designed for broad purpose use. While this enables breadth of applicability, it can inhibit depth – which is often what is required to create end-to-end automated workflows and new ways of executing business processes.


Join us for this lively webinar as we showcase Bacardi, the global spirits brand, and their quest for finance transformation. Essential to its journey is its automation partner Redwood and the power of process specialization to drive scale and transformative results. Cheers to that!



Attend this complimentary webinar to learn:

  • How to move from task automation to transformation
  • What is the role of process specialization in enabling end-to-end automation?
  • Who is “Robbert” and the critical role of change management?
  • How to avoid technical debt and futureproof automation



  • Elena Christopher, Research Vice President, HFS Research


  • Sharath Gopinath, Director, IT Services, Finance and IA CoE, Bacardi
  • John Wehrheim, Vice President, Redwood Software


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