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Unfiltered Stories: Rohan Kulkarni of HFS talks with Dr. Steve Ambrose, President of Walk the Ridge

Healthcare is the only industry where health consumers are always buying blind. They have no idea what a visit to the doctor or the medications they are prescribed or the physiotherapy they need will cost until they are furnished a bill. The more severe the disease condition the more opaque the costs become. So as of Jan 1, 2021, all US hospitals must publish online 300 shoppable items or face penalties. Do you think that will help us buy healthcare services eyes wide open?

Listen to Rohan’s discussion with Dr. Steve Ambrose here:

The podcast has 3 parts:

  • Setting the stage – what does price transparency mean and why is this relevant now.
  • Let’s talk unfiltered – New federal regulations went into effect at the beginning of the year, so what does that mean and how is it manifesting. Getting to the guts of price transparency a buzz word or a transformational change in how we buy healthcare services.
    • While price transparency shines a light on how much healthcare costs, but will the average Joe understand given the complexities of services?
    • So, what if I know the price, what difference will it make if I am faced with an emergency and there is only one hospital in town?
    • Past iterations of price transparency went bust, so what’s different this time?
  • Looking into the future – Should we expect to see a restaurant style menu of pricing now that we have nailed price transparency? And will that change the experiences in healthcare settings?

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