HFS RPA Decision Making Services

Navigate your RPA journey confidently with HFS RPA Decision Making Services



HFS Research offers START, which is a package of insightful reports, interactive data tools, and advisory workshops aimed to help enterprises with RPA decisions.



RPA Product Selector
Interactive tool that allows users to choose the relative importance of 35+ RPA assessment dimensions to recommend top 5 RPA products.


RPA Case Study Treasury
Interactive tool includes ~150 searchable and filterable detailed RPA case studies across various process areas, industries and geographies.


On demand Analyst access
Leverage the team of experienced and global HFS Analysts as sounding boards to your intelligent automation strategy and plans.


Top 10 RPA Reports
HFS Top 10 RPA Services and the HFS Top 10 RPA Products reports include detailed strengths and weaknesses of leading RPA service providers & products.
Reports that include detailed strengths and weaknesses of leading RPA service providers & products


Half-day Strategic ThinkTank
HFS ThinkTanks represent a collaborative workshop-based approach to support clients on their intelligent automation journey.




The “HFS RPA Decision Making Services” offer our clients:


Interactive data-rich tools to separate hype from reality

User-experience driven Top 10 RPA products and services reports




Please contact us to learn more about our RPA Decision Making Services, technical difficulties, feedback, and suggestions, or to dive into deeper discussions with our RPA analysts. You can email us at [email protected]