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CognitiveScale: Creating a Platform to Operationalize Machine Learning

What makes CognitiveScale a HfS Hot Vendor


Albeit a nascent market, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing strongly. However, organizations struggle to identify the most relevant technology partners for their projects as well as sourcing relevant talent that is scarce, to say the least. CognitiveScale is aiming to accelerate organizations journey towards AI-enabled projects by offering a platform approach that offers pre-trained Machine Learning capabilities as well as curated data sets.


CognitiveScale’s key proprietary offering is its platform solution called Cortex, which it has just relaunched with major upgrades. Cortex is positioned as a unique bridge that solves problems in the workflows and handoffs between Data Scientists, analysts, application developers and process owners. For a lot of organizations today, it is challenging to get Machine Learning and AI models out of their siloed, test phases into operationalized production environments. Data Scientists are hardpressed to create consistency across models, and align their work with traditional applications. Cortex’s platform has created a model in which these handoffs between data science, development teams, and system admin teams can be guided in a more streamlined way to provide consistency in business architecture, development, deployment and runtime across the AI model lifecycle. CognitiveScale has created accelerators and reusable building blocks for its industries, which can be used to define and monitor KPIs that measure performance for each AI model in production. These KPIs are interestingly tied to business outcomes for the process in question, not just technical model metrics. Lastly, Cortex has a visibility and control layer that clients can use to build trust.

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