Hot Vendors

Introducing the HfS Hot Vendors

Feb 5, 2018 Saurabh Gupta

What are the HfS Hot Vendors


The HfS Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging players with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice.


HfS analysts speak with numerous exciting start-ups and emerging players. We designate a handful as the HfS Hot Vendors based on the offering distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, client impact, financial position, and our take on the potential impact on the OneOffice. The HfS Hot Vendors may not have the scale and size to get featured in our Blueprint reports but sure have a vision and go-to-market that is both impactful and disruptive.


How do we become an HfS Hot Vendor 


If you think you deserve to be an HfS Hot Vendor, please click here to schedule a briefing.


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