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Infosys clients must race to exploit their provider’s untapped sustainability prowess


Infosys, as an enterprise, has been recognized by the UN for its sustainability. Its clients must now push Infosys to translate this internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) prowess and its powerhouse sustainability partnerships into its servicesand deliver the same expertise as part of new and existing contracts


HFS has recently called on providers to acknowledge and act on the demand for sustainability servicesto pioneer a space that, so far, has gone undefined. We cannot overstate the value of the transferable expertise of a service provider that has nailed the non-profit aspects of sustainability, as our conversation with Accenture Development Partnerships earlier this year made clear (Accenture is an example with both non-profit and commercial sustainability services arms). 


Infosys recognition by the UN centered on these key achievements: 


  • Its worldwide campuses are among the most energy efficient. 
  • It was the first signatory to the RE100 global campaign of enterprises transitioning to 100% renewable electricity. 
  • It has sustained a 51% energy reduction per capita since 2008. 
  • Renewable energy sources accounted for 46% of its electricity consumption in 2019, with 49 megawatts coming from Infosys-owned solar plants. 
  • A large portfolio of projects aims at compensating for emissions outside the firms boundariesaddressing climate change, benefiting over 100,000 families, and developing the socioeconomics of rural India. 

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