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Providers must not forget about blockchain, despite uncertainty from COVID-19

Mar 26, 2020 Sam Duncan

COVID-19 has been stealing global headlines in recent months, and for a good reason. The effects will be catastrophic, with ramifications beyond the obviously devastating human factor—the global economic fallout is front of mind. Business uncertainty is skyrocketing as countries enter lockdown with much of their workforce forced to stay home to protect both themselves and others. Naturally, economic uncertainty means tightening belts and cutting costs wherever possible; despite this, service providers must not forget about blockchain or think of it as somewhere they can cut costs. It’s a crucial time for the technology as enterprises finally begin to realize tangible business value, and projects are finally moving beyond the proof of concept phase to production.
Service providers must ensure that their investment in blockchain isn’t cut significantly through this uncertain time, or they risk being left to play catch-up to those who hold their nerve.


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