Points of View

Sustainability serves the whole enterprise—providers must be equally holistic in their approach

Nov 8, 2019 Josh Matthews


We spoke with Justin Keeble, an MD leading the sustainability arm within Accenture Strategy, about the past, present, and future of sustainability services—a still undefined space that is growing rapidly. In Part 1 we discussed the three eras of sustainability services and the need for service providers to bring together all of their capabilities if they want to offer holistic sustainability services. Part 2 delves more into the rationale behind sustainability services and examines the dynamic that must include not only a service provider’s complete set of capabilities but also the entire enterprise. Sustainability services may be undefined, but in a rapidly growing space that addresses what is likely the most pressing issue facing the planet as we speak, many service providers must build a missing capability quickly. Whether they do so from the inside or outside, providers cannot afford to be lax and late to the party.

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