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Trailblaze a path to your customer-centric OneOffice experience with these five strategic imperatives


HFS Research developed the Digital OneOffice and key imperatives of a OneOffice strategy that can help enterprises design and create successful transformational experiences. We use this model to define how companies must adapt their operations to be more customer-centric, nimble, and intelligent in today’s environment of digital transformation; it is how successful organizations meet and anticipate their customers’ needs. In a Digital OneOffice, organizational silos are broken down, facilitating immediate data flow between customers and business functions and placing customers’ needs at the heart of core business processes. This study segmented companies which are further along their journey toward OneOffice experiences to learn what OneOffice "Trailblazers" are doing to get more customer- centric. We found the 5 key strategic imperatives that companies must adopt in order to transform their organizations toward alignment to the customer.


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