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Enterprise AI Leaders, You Must Let the Businesses Drive Your AI Initiatives

Mar 22, 2019 Tapati Bandopadhyay

Despite a lot of surveys showing that AI is being adopted across organizations with clear business-driven expectations, research also shows consistently that many enterprises still make AI use-case implementation a part of their CIO agenda.


An HFS survey on Intelligent Automation involving 590 business leaders shows that in 42% of organizations the IA strategy is led by IT teams whereas only in 14% it’s led by business. IT teams have the key responsibilities for infrastructure, operations, and enterprise apps. They can also drive their own AI and automation use-case implementation programs for projects such as autonomous resolutions, fulfillment, response, servicing, and recommendation. But expecting them to lead business-focused AI initiatives is a sure path to failure.


The most crucial aspects of successful business use-cases of AI are not really the technology components like hardware and algorithms. Rather, it's all about the business domain, context, and data- which are available only to the relevant business leaders and teams. Consequently, businesses must lead their AI initiatives, with support from IT regarding technical provisioning.

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