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IT Leaders must find the right partner to migrate to the cloud and tear down legacy data centers. Do DXC and Atos fit the bill?

Aug 16, 2019 Ollie O’Donoghue

With many enterprises migrating critical workloads and services to cloud environments over the last two years we’re seeing an inflection point where IT leaders are now being forced to make a definitive decision about what they’ll do with all those legacy data centers. But not all service providers are equipped to deal with the almost traditional work of migrating the last bits of data and then tearing down data centers to the last brick. IT Leaders must adapt their cloud strategy to include a clear plan for what happens with their existing data centers and, crucially, assess which partners will be able to deliver the goods.


Even though enterprises began pushing services into cloud environments several years ago, legacy applications, regulations, and culture necessitated on-premise data centers to effectively continue as normal. However, with the maturation of cloud solutions across both public and private clouds, on-premise data centers are finally ending up on the scrap heap. Anyone with a modicum of experience in the space should understand that it’s not as simple as locking the doors and wandering off. Migration alone is resource intensive— and as demand for this type of work has increased smart professionals have chased it, meaning that the core skills and tools enterprises require to break down a data center are increasingly scarce.

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