HFS Webinar - Learn how Husqvarna mowed-down its legacy by embracing automation and digital colleagues


June 4 2020 |  11am (ET)  | 4pm (UK) 



During Paradigm Shock, process automation is the major investment focus from enterprises after cybersecurity, according to the latest HFS research study on more than 600 major enterprises.


HFS, with support from HCL, is exploring how this theme is developing in the market, bringing in the latest research data and real-world examples of digital colleagues working alongside their human counterparts. This includes insights from leading outdoor power products manufacturer Husqvarna Group, that is achieving results with its Business Process Automation initiative, which is embedding digital colleagues into its daily activities, shifting from managing transactions to managing expectations and evolving event-driven operations.


Key themes included:


  1. How the market for intelligent automation is shaping up into a wider push for digital colleagues to work alongside humans
  2. How bots are enriching the work of their human colleagues
  3. How digital colleagues underpin broader transformation activities
  4. How to measure success and scale projects as enterprises ask more of their digital colleagues 



Ollie O’Donoghue, SVP of Research, HFS



Miriam Deasy, Research Director, HFS

Anders Ågren, Transformation Lead, Global Information Services, Husqvarna Group

Ritesh Jain, Vice President and Head of Automation, HCL Digital Process Operations


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