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Company Background

HFS serves the research, governance and services strategy needs of business operations and IT leaders across finance, supply chain, human resources, marketing, and core industry functions. The firm provides insightful and meaningful analyst coverage of best business practices and innovations that impact successful business outcomes, such as the digital transformation of operations, cloud-based business platforms, services talent development strategies, process automation and outsourcing, mobility, analytics and social collaboration. HFS applies its acclaimed Blueprint Methodology to evaluate the performance of service and technology in terms of innovating and executing against those business outcomes.

HFS educates and facilitates discussions among the world's largest knowledge community of enterprise services professionals, currently comprising 100,000+ subscribers and members.

HFS Research facilitates the HFS Sourcing Executive Council, the acclaimed elite group of sourcing practitioners from leading organizations that meets bi-annually to share the future direction of the global services industry and to discuss the future enterprise operations framework. For more information on our upcoming events, please visit



HFS provides services to buyers and providers.


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