A new dawn has emerged from the fog of 2020. Organizations globally had no choice but to embrace a world where perfectly aligning business outcomes with their enabling technologies demands focus, nerve, and creativity.

Our inaugural HFS OneOffice Awards showcase those teams and organizations that have embraced change, taken decisive steps and transformed their processes and technology to take their businesses into a new era.

  • With eight categories to explore, OneOffice Awards winners will be those that have opted for real and lasting business change rather than incremental improvement.
  • Nominations are open to organizations and key partners worldwide and across all business sectors, including the public sector.
  • Transformed businesses will deliver faster, cheaper, smarter, and more competitively than they ever could have dreamed…

HFS OneOffice Award Categories

Recognizes organizations and teams that create a culture of data that drives new opportunities through interactions, insights, and predictive capabilities, giving the ability to access data at a speed which drives critical decisions for their business.

(Client and service provider partnership)

Applauds organizations that develop and manage talent to build OneOffice skillsets, address process debt by eliminating wasteful activities that plague our organizations, and manage change across the organization to make a meaningful impact.

(Client and service provider partnership)

No one can be everything to anyone! This category recognizes the service provider that embraces collaboration across start-ups, technology providers, academia, industry bodies, researchers, influencers and even competitors to drive unmatched value for its clients.

(Service provider)

Applauds organizations and teams that unleash human potential by getting serious about people diversity to maximize the potential of every person and drive real innovation.

(Client or service provider)

Rewards organizations and teams that leverage a range of emerging technologies to create intelligent and automated workflows in the cloud, enabling the new “native” standards for consistent cross-functional enterprise operations.

(Client and service provider partnership)

Identifies organizations who recognize that thinking about the future means learning to think differently, who embrace creativity, new approaches and emerging technologies such as blockchain, 5G, and/or quantum computing to help them reframe their businesses and future-proof their thinking and planning.

(Client and service provider partnership)

Celebrates organizations that meet the triple bottom line: social, financial, and environmental. An enterprise that has minimal negative impact or, conversely, a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy.

(Client or service provider)

Recognizes an enterprise that runs processes end-to-end across the organizational value chain, focuses on employee experience as a significant component of the overall customer experience, and drives organizational alignment and metrics that measure value creation, not just cost reduction. It represents an organizational mindset that breaks down front-to-back legacy silos to create the only “office” that matters.

(Client & service provider partnership)


The nomination period has closed, and the judging process has begun. Stay tuned for further announcements! 


OneOffice Awards Entry Criteria

To enter, a technology or business process, project, or program must be:

  • Live at any point between January 1, 2020, and the date of entry.
  • Led by a client-side organization across any business or public sector, though partnership approaches with service providers are also encouraged.
  • Led by a service provider in stated categories (see Award Categories).
  • Changing technology, data, processes, or people to take a proactive step in future-proofing business operations.
  • Active in any country or region worldwide.

OneOffice Awards FAQs

Why did HFS launch the OneOffice Awards?

HFS has a long history of providing straightforward insights based on research, data, and forward-looking trends. We partner with customers across our portfolio of services to help solve problems, create solutions, and bring big ideas to life.

The OneOffice awards provide a window through which organizations can celebrate their successful transformation projects and others can find inspiration and fresh thinking to help them along their journey.

Our respected, resourceful and responsive analyst team bring their experience and knowledge to ensure that successful, proven results are celebrated.

What are the key dates for the OneOffice Awards?

The key dates for the OneOffice Awards are:

  • Nominations close: 6 December 2021
  • Finalists announced: January 21, 2022
  • Winners Announced: Q1 2022

Do I pay to submit an entry to the OneOffice awards? Are there any associated costs?

The OneOffice Awards are free to enter. There are no costs associated with participation.

What is the judging process?

HFS will judge entries in two stages. A panel of HFS analysts will create the initial shortlist based on the details contained within each submission. HFS will identify three finalists within each category, and these will move on to stage two.

Each finalist will then have the opportunity to engage with an HFS analyst to provide more details about the entry and to provide answers to questions from the judges. Judging for some categories will also contain a public vote, which will contribute to the final result. Details of judges’ deliberations are treated as confidential.

Which regions or countries are included?

The 2021 OneOffice awards are global. Projects can be included whether they are global, regional, or country-specific. Include the geographic scope of your organization’s program in your entry details.

As a service provider, can I nominate my clients?

Yes, you can—but you will need to ensure that you have written permission to do so as some details, such as organization and program names will appear on the HFS website and communications. Service provider firms are welcome to nominate their clients and showcase projects on which they have been the lead partner.

How do I submit my nomination?

We can only accept entries through our official nomination site. Here, you can register and get started on the nomination process. You will be taken through a simple form, and you will have the opportunity to include links to supporting information, such as videos or interviews. Once you are registered, you can complete the form at your leisure (remembering the deadlines), as your input will remain in place until you are ready to submit it.

Can I nominate the same project for multiple categories?

Yes, you can nominate the same project in more than one category. You will need to complete a new entry form for each. The nominations platform will allow you to copy an entry. However, do remember to ensure that you include all of the required details specific to each category.

It’s never too late to learn more: 

Get More Information On The OneOffice Awards

You can download the OneOffice Awards overview here. If you have any questions or need any further information, contact us here.