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Big energy consumers must visualize and take control of their usage: smart meters and IoT platforms can make energy demand and production work for you

Jan 10, 2020 Josh Matthews

The rollout of smart energy meters will go long way to addressing the difficult balance between renewable energy (RE) production and demand, as more and more firms commit to using 100% RE. Simultaneously, enterprises are visualizing and taking control of their energy consumption with more precision on internet of things (IoT) platforms. For example, Vattenfall and Microsoft’s partnership is piloting the hourly visualization of the latter’s energy consumption, in combination with Guarantee of Origin electronic certificates (GOs) that are attached to the RE Generation (Renewable Energy Certificates [RECs] are the US equivalent to Europe’s GOs). Big enterprise energy consumerswhether industrial manufacturers or service giantsmust be smarter about their energy usage. Competitors to Microsoft and Vattenfall will emerge as tech giants grapple with their energy consumption, and energy companies integrate themselves with countries’ smart grid transitions (albeit at varying speeds). A smart meter and IoT platform combination is the ticket to visualizing and controlling consumption, saving on energy bills, and promoting the RE market. 


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