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Blockchain exploration efforts: accelerate and reduce costs in partnership with academia

Jan 2, 2020 Sam Duncan Josh Matthews

Where talent and infrastructure can be in short supply for enterprises, executives must think outside the box to develop their blockchain solutions while simultaneously driving new efficiencies and cost-savings for their firm. Piloting blockchain initiatives in partnership with academia can accelerate the proof of concept (PoC) to implementation process while also saving cost and organizational commitment—as long as enterprises can master the relationship management that academia demands in HFS’ separate guide.


The advent of blockchain led to excitement, hype, and an array of dubious use cases, but we’re finally beginning to see blockchain offer genuine business value; however, the list of actual applications is not yet definitive. Blockchain is still in its experimental stage, and there remains a need for the “wait, is this garbage?” test—that’s where the HFS Blockchain Bullshit Buster comes in—but it’s after this step that the real work begins. The process from PoC to implementation is lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming when it comes to blockchain, but academia can lend a helping hand. Universities worldwide boast some of the most impressive talent, all keen to build use cases, making them an ultra-low-cost method of piloting enterprise blockchain initiatives.


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