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Consider a big bang approach for your cloud and application transformation

Jul 7, 2020 Miriam Deasy

Rapid change is the new normal, agility is top of the agenda, and nimble responsiveness is the key to success. Organizations must evolve from their traditional reactive mindsets, skill sets, and technology stacks to focus on experiences and business value and underpin that experience with modernized cloud applications. The future is hyperconnected, both within organizations and across touchpoints to customers and other frequent ecosystem collaborators and trading partners. The destination is clear, the question is how do you get there?


HFS is exploring cloud transformation journeys across industries and geographies. US-based Harmonic, a high-tech video routing, server, and storage products manufacturer, shared with us its progress on its journey to pivot away from its complex and heavily customized legacy environment to a new and nimble cloud-based environment.

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