Points of View

Developing the Hyperconnected Airport for Next-Generation Passenger Experience


The travel industry is a dynamic hotbed of complexity, where aligning the ecosystem to customer experience is remarkably complicated. Airports, in particular, have a short time frame for making or breaking a passenger experience; their business operations require fluidity and agility, often starting with the supporting IT infrastructure. The ability to connect a widely disparate array of systems coming from numerous stakeholders is a complicated task, and it’s even more challenging to enable and promote a culture to support seamless processes and communications.


Enterprises undergoing transformation can learn many lessons from an airport that is in the process of completely reimagining the way its passengers—and its internal and ecosystem stakeholders—experience and interact with its operations. This POV examines the Greater Toronto Airports Authority’s journey with its services partner Wipro to create new passenger experiences through a transformation from the ground up.


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