Points of View

Drive meaningful customer experiences with equally meaningful employee experiences


Integrated automation can enable a OneOffice experience by breaking down silos across an enterprises’ customers and employees


In December 2019, HFS hosted an executive roundtable in London to debate the impact of integrated automation on the customer experience. Customer experience and operations leaders representing enterprises across multiple industries came together to cross-pollinate their progress towards integrating automation to enable their customer experiences.  Service provider Tech Mahindra supported the event.


Across the various industries represented, including social media, banking, retail, manufacturing and life sciences, many challenges and opportunities were consistent. Organizational silos present difficulties when adopting emerging technologies at scale to create and maintain good customer experience (CX). Too often intelligence resides at a functional or divisional level, rather than shared. Fragmented experiences are commonplace, too. Enterprises need to rethink how to serve customers better in a more human and customer-centric way.





Foster a CX culture with business outcomes in mind


The customer is not always necessarily the paying customer, CX should be considered an umbrella term for the experience interacting with an entire organization, whether it’s the customer, partner, employee or any other entity. The delegates agreed that employee experience is often overlooked. An employee experience culture is one where people work together shifting from transactional interactions to deeper relationships.

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