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Drone adopters must choose between providers’ “mature” offerings and co-developing solutions for the future

Dec 31, 2019 Josh Matthews


Service providers admit that drone technology is not a mature segment of their offerings (see Exhibit 1). As Industry 4.0 gets ever-closer, alongside defense, monitoring, and mapping applications, drones promise to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and automate and make safer emergency and disaster responses. Despite the promise of drone technology, the market remains stifled by regulation, privacy concerns, and operational headaches. Enterprises that want to make drones a core part of their operation can choose from a handful of providers with mature, albeit very different offerings; those who see the technology as something for the future are better placed, for now, co-developing solutions and strategies with the multitude of providers in our Industry 4.0 Services Top 10 who are in the development phase with drone technology.

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