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HFS Highlight: HCL and Google team up to win the e-commerce market

On the 4th of June, 2020, HCL announced a new partnership with Google. An innocuous enough announcement when providers and vendors across the industry are quick to release press packs about their latest alliance. But digging into the detail, it quickly becomes apparent that there's more to this partnership - which focuses on using Google Cloud as the platform for HCL Commerce - a portfolio focused on solving eCommerce challenges for clients in the space. 


First, Google has been working hard to bring the battle to its hyperscale rivals for several months now. Ramping up its sales and marketing team to lure enterprise spend. As the public cloud market evolves into a domain-specific conversation, Google has struggled to keep pace with the enthusiastic addition of features and solutions from AWS. To solve this challenge, the cloud giant has scoured the software and solution landscape to find partners that can help them carve out a chunk of a key vertical - in this instance, e-commerce. And this is where HCL Software comes in - the product-focused arm of HCL Technologies. For some time the firm has focused on building highly pragmatic solutions to tackle challenges in the industry. Combined, Google and HCL seek to build on synergies between their offerings to corner the eCommerce market. No mean feat, but one which could have legs given the increasing animosity between retail giants - among others - and Amazon. 


The alliance itself seems more collaborative than some of the standard solution and channel partnerships that we've seen in this space. Executives from HCL advised subject matter experts from Google were helping build and evolve the eCommerce platform. And sales teams on both sides are gearing up to cross-sell into existing client pools, and open new business through joint marketing and thought leadership activities.  


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