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HFS' IoT Startup Landscape

Dec 3, 2019 Tanmoy Mondal Mayank Madhur Josh Matthews


HFS' first-ever startup landscape report looks at the emerging startups and SMEs defining the future and the now of the Internet of Things (IoT) space - in parallel to our IoT Services Top10 and Hot Vendor reports.


We briefed with 12 leading startups and SMEs in the ballooning IoT market, representing the spectrum of IoT solutions we’re seeing that incorporate different change agents such as analytics, blockchain, cybersecurity, and more…


“The internet of things (IoT) alone is meaningless; it’s the epitome of technology for technology’s sake. The vast value potential of the IoT rests on the insight you take from it. To do so, start with your outcomes and your business problems, then find the right partners, service providers, and vendors that will take the IoT, add on the necessary change agents—whether that’s analytics, ML, or blockchain—with ingrained cybersecurity, and achieve the IoT’s long-hailed promise.” - Josh Matthews, Research Analyst, HFS Research

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