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How A Procurement Concierge Improves Data Quality, Compliance, Cost

Jul 19, 2017 Barbra McGann

Global business services and transformation leaders, procurement and finance -- this one is for you.

This story originated during a global business services discussion on the question of whether creating shared services “transfers” some of the burdens of work and cost when processes are standardized and then self-service is applied.

Where most companies give up customizing to different user needs in order to achieve consistency, this one refused to settle for a “one size fits all” that might not fully engage the stakeholder group.


Yes, it can be helpful to an organization to centralize, standardize, and apply technology to enable self-service (including training on the system). However, if it is “not welcome” or if the end-user's requirements are too complex, people will find a way around it, creating new work and exceptions downstream.


This company’s experience shows how you can improve efficiency and user experience at the same time. The role of “sourcing concierge” is one example of how it balanced flexibility with efficiency and standardization.

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