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Improve your decision making through smart data platforms; NTT’s Accelerate SMART provides some best practices in a highly competitive market

The advent of the internet of things (IoT) meant enterprises and public sector authorities were keen to monitor their whole landscape, including assets, people, and processes, and gain insights into the same. The IoT’s continuing expansion now means an increasing need for centralized platforms for data management, monitoring, and insight generation. Technology companies and service providers have already developed digital smart platforms (or similar solutions under different names like command centers) that can be deployed across industries. In this PoV, we explore how NTT envisioned and developed an industry-agnostic smart platform that has already been deployed on several campus, commercial, and government settings in addition to smart city projects. We go on to detail the City of Las Vegas’ project, and more broadly this PoV acts as a guideline for technology players and clients that plan to build and deploy smart platforms. NTT’s Accelerate SMART data platform is one source of best practice amongst highly charged competition between vendors and service providers.


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