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Industry adoption of RPA is more nuanced than you think—see if you’re in line with your industry peers, leading, or lagging


Do you think RPA adoption is solely the purview of the world’s biggest banks and insurers? If you did, you would be wrong. True, there are lots of highly visible banking and insurance RPA use cases out there, but there is marked progress in other industries, tooIn our recent study, we asked 590 decision makers from multiple industries, globally, the following question: What is the current state of adoption of the following intelligent automation (IA) technologies in your organization? While the results varied considerably, there are clear similarities amongst industry peers. You must build a clear understanding of how RPA is being adopted in your industry, or risk falling behind your competitors.  


The possible answers spanned the gamut of intelligent automation: computer visionmachine learning (ML)robotic process automation (RPA)artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive and smart virtual assistants (chatbots++)natural language processing (NLP), and smart analytics. 


In this POV, we’re zoning in on a subset of the data with a snapshot of RPA progress by industry vertical in 2019Analyzing the responses provided insight about who’s where with RPA in each industry we covered. Spoiler alertbanking and insurance took an early lead, but other industries are hot on their heels. 


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