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Sep 16, 2019 Tanmoy Mondal


In the HFS Industry 4.0 value chain, we identified 3D printing as a core technology component for Industry 4.0. Often called “additive manufacturing,” 3D printing has typically been used for rapid prototyping, product innovation, and other similar purposes.


As the design principles, materials, and other components of this technology have matured, 3D printing applications have gained traction in critical applications across the automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and medical devices industries. For example, recently, researchers 3D printed collagen-based anatomical structures such as a heart and parts of a heart. Some manufacturers, like Volkswagen, have begun experimenting with 3D printing technology. In this PoV, we discuss how 3D printing is influencing the manufacturing industry and how the manufacturers can accelerate their 3D printing journey.


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