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Life sciences third-party service providers, support your clients by driving meaningful change—“business as usual” isn’t enough

As digitization sweeps every industry in the new age of hyper-convenient, customer-centric models, the healthcare and life science communities must prepare to follow suit. The life sciences industry is hurtling toward a hyperconnected future state that requires a patient-centric collaborative ecosystem across healthcare, life sciences, and the public sector. The industry has to transform while simultaneously managing pricing pressures, low R&D returns, and changing product mix (a rise of biologics, personalized medicine, and med-tech). Emerging technologies across the Triple-A Trifecta (automation, analytics, and AI) along with IoT, blockchain, AR/VR, and 3D printing have captivated the C-suites to get to the promised land. But the roadmap to get there continues to be hazy.


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