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Providers must show clients they’re taking talent development seriously—big bang investments like KPMG Lakehouse set the pace

May 12, 2020 Ollie O’Donoghue

In a world of increased complexity, developing skills and internal talent has become a process of constant transformation for service providers and consultancies. Many are leveraging internal training and development platforms, often with mixed success. But some are pushing investments to new extremes; the most recent example is the opening of the cutting-edge learning and development center, KPMG Lakehouse in Orlando, Florida. While it seems odd to discuss the value of a physical building in an environment where we are now more isolated and remote than ever due to a global pandemic, KPMG’s investment clearly demonstrates its commitment to improved employee experience, and, by extension, customer experience—even more so in an economy where skills, experience, and talent are more important than ever before.


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