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Rethink embedded and semiconductor engineering services portfolios to cater to customer needs

Mar 19, 2020 Tanmoy Mondal

With the advent of new-age technologies, enterprises across industries are increasingly looking for automated systems, real-time connectivity, and intelligent decision-making functionalities for different use cases. As a result, many developments related to processing, memory, and device intelligence are happening in the embedded and semiconductor engineering space in both hardware and software segments. Leading semiconductor companies are also investing in R&D, design, development, and testing of these cutting edge technologies, creating opportunities for service providers to increase their scope of work. In this PoV, we highlight some of the global semiconductor players’ interesting projects and recent developments in the semiconductor and embedded engineering landscape, including client engagements, partnerships, and acquisitions. We also recommend the areas that service providers should focus on to cater to clients’ requirements in this space.


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